1. Dubravka Škunca, Univerzitet Metropolitan, Serbia

Youth entrepreneurship is crucial for future Serbia’s economy. Youth entrepreneurship as a form of self-employment can give power to young people in a country with very low employment rates. This paper aims to come to better understanding of the constraints and opportunities for young entrepreneurs. Thirty young entrepreneurs based in Serbia are being interviewed in a period of 3 months. Their responses are being analyzed and key findings will be presented. Research will identify challenges for young entrepreneurs and suggest recommendations for establishing sustainable entrepreneurship environment. The results will show that lack of grants and support, as well as good role models, among other factors, are major constraints that young entrepreneurs in Serbia encounter.

Key words: youth entrepreneurship; constraints; opportunities; Serbia

Conference: REDETE 2014 - Researching Economic Development and Entrepreneurship in Transition Economies

Date: 19.11.2013.